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P H O T O G R A P H Y 

See my MinDat homepage

where you can meet me

Regional VFMG Group Erkelenz called MinFos Erkelenz is organizing Mineral Shows two times per year. We are a group of engaged people, we have weekly meetings and concentrate us in Eifel and Grube Clara groups. On top we have monthly professional presentations from extern Speakers.  

Everyone is welcome here. Please ask for further details.

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about me

behind the lenses

During the last 30 years I spent all my free time in visiting countries all over the world.


I am Geologist so nature becomes very important for me since I was a young boy.

It starts with collecting minerals, study Mineralogy and Geology and working in supply of industrial Minerals worldwide.


To make some photos unobtrusive of people and nature it's a great gift.

With this webpage I will say "thank you" 

It's important that people can provide something - hopefully enthusiasm and of course the Beauty of  Mineralogy and our nature... 

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