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(Na7◻)(Al6Si6O24)F · 4H2O    a new fluor content mineral of sodalite group (IMA 2021-088)

Please have a first view of a new detection of crystals found by Dr. Christof Schäfer and Bernd Ternes in Laacher See area. After analytics the champagne colored crystals can be identifyied as new fluor content mineral of sodalite groupe. 

See more details by Dr. Christof Schäfer and Günter Blaß in forthcoming publications.

How to cite: Chukanov, N. V., Zubkova, N. V., Schäfer, C., Pekov, I. V., Vigasina, M. F., Belakovskiy, D. I., Britvin, S. N., Yapaskurt, V. O., and Pushcharovsky, D. Y.: Bolotinaite, IMA 2021-088, in: CNMNC Newsletter 65, Eur. J. Mineral., 34,, 2022.

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