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K(◻Na)Mg2(Be2Mg)Si12O30 to Osumilite group


Friedrichbeckeite is part of Osumilith Group. It's the Mg-dominant analogon to Almarudite, Milarite, Oftedalite or Be-analogon to Merrihueite or Roedderite. Crystals a smaller than 1 mm and often zonar structured because of variable chemical inclusions.

Rare specimen from Bellerberg analysed by Joy Desor/Wiesbaden. 


Named in 2009 by C. L. Lengauer, N. Hrauda, Uwe Kolitsch, R. Krickl, and E. Tillmanns, in honour of Friedrich Johann Karl Becke [December 31, 1855 Praha, Bohemia (Prague, Czech Republic) – June 18, 1931 Wien, Austria].(quote Mindat webpage)

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