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CaFe2O4    Marokite Supergroup

Harmunite is discribed by GALUSKIN, E.V. as type locality from Jabel Harmun, Judea Desert, West Bank, Palestinian Autonomy, Israel under IMA-Nr. 2012-045. Here Harmunite is linked to Magnesioferrite and Srebrodolskite in Fe-rich black aggregates.

Harmunite was found by Bernd Ternes and analysed also in Ca-rich xenolithes of Bellerberg, but here with higher Mn-content so subordinated by structure to Marokite crystal serie (quote Galuskin to G. Blaß). In same specimen also Eltyubyuite was found.

New items had been found also from Feuerberg at Hinterweiler. If you see photos perhaps Fe-rich Oxides plus bowls of clear Fluorite (?) and white carbonate are visually visible. Also a type of mica covered the surface.

Analytics will follow but Harmunite was confirmed by Nikita Chukanow.

(quote G.Blaß MW 4/19)

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