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Scottyite   [IMA 2012-027]

See the matrix in detail for a better differentiation in your collection     

BaCu2Si2O7 - barium copper silicate


With the name Scottyite a Ba-Cu-Silicate was recognized by the IMA under the number 2012-027. The name honors Michael Scott, the first CEO of Apple and an important sponsor of the RRuff project. (The new mineral is identical to the unnamed Ba-Cu silicate from the volcanic Eifel district described by HENTSCHEL in 1993, which was examined more closely in 1999 and should be called "Günterblassite" at the suggestion of Cologne collectors.)

Scottyite is known from Graulai, Löley, Auf'm Kopp and latest also Bellerberg volcano. Normally this mineral was known only in syntetic form but all EDX analyses fits her at best. For more details see  new version of Eifel CD by G.Blaß.

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