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K(Mg,Ti,Fe)3[(Si,Al)4O10](O,F)2      Biotite group to mica groupe

New IMA approval 2009. Named in 2010 by N. V. Chukanov, A. A. Mukhanova, R. K. Rastsvetaeva, D.I. Belakovskiy, S. Möckel, O. V. Karimova, S. N. Britvin, and S. V. Krivovichev for its chemical relationship to phlogopite. Until now this mica was called Biotite or high-iron Phlogopite.


Looks similar to other types of Biotites at Rothenberg and visually not possible to separate. Only possible with analytic by EDX of measuring O, OH and F-content Oxyphlogopite is to define exactly (quote G. Blaß)

At the end it's possible to find this type of Phlogopite very common - so please, if you have no exact confirmed analytic data - please use the normal names Phlogopite or Biotite for this minerals.

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