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(Na,K)8(Al6Si6O24)(SO4,CO3) · 2H2O    Cancrinite group

Please take a first look at a new finding of crystals found by Dr. Christof Schäfer in Riedener Kessel area. After EDX analytics and also linked to the needle form Vishnevite can be identifyied. The pyramidal hexagonal needles are clear and have a fine macro structure.

Vishnevite is known from Emmelberg, Rockeskyll and Graulay. Riedener Kessel would be the fourth place where Vishnevite was found in volcanic Eifel area. (See Eifel DVD).

After personal request with Dr. Christof Schäfer we can wait for a more details in his article by him directly in the coming month.

EDX 1, cutting shape:
15.7% Na, 30.5% Al, 48.4% Si, 1.5% S, 1% K, 2.8% Ca
EDX 2, cutting shape:
18% Na, 30.3% Al, 45.9% Si, 1.6% S, 1.1% K, 3.2% Ca

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