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Mg-Clinochlore (Supergroup)

Mg5Al (AlSi3O10)(OH)8

Trimouns Talc Mine, Luzenac, Ariège, Occitanie, France.

Chlorite minerals are common in Trimouns because of the altered and transformed Sericite slate inside the geological formation. High deposit of Mg and Al ions formed an alumina Clinochlore (without Fe perhaps Sudoite (?) inside the pegmatite body. The Clinochlore of the Aplite body contains more Silica.

The Mg-Al-Clinochlore forms piles of small hexagonal layers, sometimes they are broken at the end of the pile. In Trimouns Clinochlore often is linked with Monazite-(Ce) and Aeschynite–(Y) in carbonatic paragenesis.

[quoted MinDAT and article Georges Favreau, Aix-on-Provence / Lapis 12/1994]

Merci à Pascale et Daniel Journet. 

Les deux ont trouvé et collecté de nombreux minéraux de Trimouns pendant nombreuses années. Sans eux, cette compilation n'aurait pas été possible. Je vous remercie.

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