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Pitiglianoite (Cancrinite Group)

Na6K2(Al6Si6O24)(SO4) · 2H2O                                                 member of cancrinite group

Our friend and collector Dr. J.Tschörtner found many year ago some very nice items of twined davyne crystals. Newer analytics with EDX and Raman on top provided guidance more to the mineral pitiglianoite. The cancrinite family results also the possibilities to be vishnevite or davyne. Davyne could be excluded because of the missing content of Ca & Cl (quoted G.Blaß). The relation of Na:K fits a bit better to pitiglianoite than to vishnevite. Topic will be followed and updated when single crystal analyzation has been done.

See more details in our article MINERALIENWELT 03-22 by Günter Blaß and my pictures.

Enjoy the photos of twins and forms of sagenite grids, but also in form of pure needles. Thanks again to Günter Blaß and Dr Jochen Tschörtner not to get tired in preparing new analyses to look for the extraordinary.

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