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Mg3 [(OH) 2/Si4O10]

Trimouns Talc Mine, Luzenac, Ariège, Occitanie, France.

Crystalized Talc on Dolomite.

Talc is the main Mg-rich hexagonal layer mineral why Trimouns quarry is running since decades. Outside of the hydrothermal talc ore body carbonate areas are without industrial interest. But inside this mostly Dolomite cavities we can find together with the REE minerals sometimes also nice fine talc layers up to 10mm crystal size – looking like clear plastic foil. But they are rare. See the fine structures inside these thin layers. Sometimes the leaves are arranged in the form of rosettes, colours from white to yellow and greenish.  

Merci à Pascale et Daniel Journet. 

Les deux ont trouvé et collecté de nombreux minéraux de Trimouns pendant nombreuses années. Sans eux, cette compilation n'aurait pas été possible. Je vous remercie.

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