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In the past by PIRET et al. (1993) Vandermeerscheite was described as Carnotite like mineral.

Quote G.Blaß in Mineralienwelt 04/19 "But cell constant parameter c=7,662 A was different to Carnotite with c=6.91 A, estimated reason was higher level of hydration. 

Result wasn't satisfied because of significant discrepancy between calculated and seen x-ray d-levels, also K-and water-levels had not determined quanitatively plus all spectroscopic details. In 2018 Plásil et al. added all these details and IMA accepted for new mineral IMA No 2017-104 with name "Vandermeerscheite" in honour to belgium collector and book author Eddy van der Meersche.


This is after Brenkite second type locality of Schellkopf/Brenk.

[quote & thanks to G.Blaß MW 04/2019 and in person]  

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